If there is one thing that 2020 showed us, it is we can fully embrace our backyards! For this past year, many of us have stayed home and truly realized how amazing our homes really are. Of course, our yards probably weren’t perfect during this time, since most of us had never really spent too much time out there. But now, you know that your backyard is an extension of your home, and it is finally time to give it a little extra love. Backyard lighting is a wonderful place to start, because it will allow you to utilize this space for many more hours of each day. 

Top Trends in Backyard Lighting for 2021

1 Lanterns

Lanterns have been around for a long time, but they are really making a comeback in backyards this year. You can find lanterns in many sizes. Some lanterns have light bulbs in them, while others use candles for the glowing light. The best part about lanterns in your backyard is they can be moved around if you happen to require lighting in different areas. 

2 Moonlighting

You can easily place lights at the bottom of trees to shine upwards, but we recommend considering moonlighting instead. To create the moonlighting effect in your yard, all you need to do is place lights at the top of your trees. That light will then shine downwards to really brighten up your landscape. 


3 String Lights in Trees

String lights is another lighting option that has been popular for quite some time, but this year, you will really want to embrace hanging lights in your trees. You can choose a simple strand of white lights or go all out with multiple strands in one tree. 

4 Color Filters

Color filters are the perfect way to change bright white lights into different colors in your backyard. You can easily choose different color filters according to the seasons or simply go with your favorite color. The goal of these color filters is to create a warm ambiance in your backyard. 


5 Outdoor Chandelier

There is no rule that states chandeliers must be hung inside a house. Therefore, we recommend finding a chandelier that will make a statement in your backyard. We prefer hanging these over sitting areas, but you can also place a chandelier over a dining table. It is important to note that many outdoor chandeliers only have a damp rating. This means they must be used in a covered area. However, on occasion you will find one with a wet rating and those can be used in pergolas and other partially open spaces. 

These are five of the top trends in backyard lighting for 2021. Each option will brighten up your outdoor space. There are many other lighting options you can include in your backyard though, so do not limit yourself to only the trending lighting of the year. Instead, embrace what you love, because doing that will only make you want to spend even more time outside. 

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