Candles and lanterns have plenty of practical uses in your garden. They make excellent temporary light sources when you’re doing late-night gardening or working in the yard after dark, and can serve as patio lighting when the sun goes down at night. However, candles and lanterns also make great decorations, whether you use them on tables, hang them from trees or just place them around your outdoor space as artwork. If you’re looking to liven up your garden with candles and lanterns, here are 10 of the best ways to do it.

1) Add Ambiance to an Evening Swim

Summer’s winding down, which means you’re spending more time poolside. Take advantage of the last few months of outdoor swimming by adding a touch of romance with candles and lanterns. A small candlelit dinner for two followed by an evening swim under a full moon is sure to be unforgettable. Don’t forget your camera! Candles can also provide a romantic touch when it comes to late-night spa sessions, or even bubble baths at home.

2) Add Solar Lantern To Your Garden Trees

candles and lanterns

Solar-powered lights are a great way to illuminate your gardens without having to run electrical cables or pay for regular electricity. Solar-powered lights can be placed anywhere: on trees, bushes, or tall poles. They’re lightweight, easy to hang up, and completely free of charge. If you want one light for a specific tree or location, you can also purchase solar string lights instead of installing an entire solar system.

3) Pair With String Lights

candles and lanterns

Not all string lights are created equal. The soft glow of candlelight can provide a peaceful ambiance during any season, be it winter or summer. Lanterns are another great way to bring light into dark spaces without disturbing neighbors or wildlife with bright, glaring bulbs. String lights paired with candles or lanterns can help create a glowing, serene atmosphere that feels like home.

4) Solar Powered Hanging Garden Lanterns

Let there be light! Not only do solar-powered hanging garden lights look great, they’re energy efficient as well. So why not brighten up your outdoor space with these solar-powered garden lights? Many varieties are designed to resemble actual lanterns, and you can hang them just about anywhere around your backyard. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colors so you can find one that fits into your specific decorating style.

5) Decorate Porch With Candles And Lantern

candles and lanterns

If you have a porch that gets plenty of sunlight, then you should consider decorating it with candles and lanterns. You can display them on any flat surface including hanging planters, tables, or other decorative accents. You’ll find that each time you step outside for a break, whether for just five minutes or several hours at a time, there will be beauty wherever you look. It also makes it easy to create an inviting atmosphere for guests and family members who visit regularly.

6) Pillar Candles With Glass Holders

candles and lanterns

Pillar candles come with glass holders, making them an excellent addition to any of your candle-related crafts. Simply secure a pillar candle into a glass vase for a beautiful centerpiece or place them around a dinner table as unique candlesticks. You can also get creative by adding seasonal decorations like fruits or flowers to create even more visually appealing designs. For example, you can add small pinecones and berries around a fall-inspired pillar candle for extra flair during Halloween or Thanksgiving gatherings.

7) Pathway Decoration With Candles

candles and lanterns

Candles can be used as a unique way to light up pathways, driveways, walkways or any other area that needs some low lighting. Find good-looking pillars candles with a wide base, so they don’t get blown over by windy conditions. The smaller candle will burn for about four hours, which is plenty of time for an evening stroll with friends.

8) Mini Candle Lantern Sets

Most of us love candlelight, but sometimes it’s impractical. These mini candle lantern sets are perfect for adding a little ambiance without having a bunch of open flames. Most of these come with 10-20 individual holders that you can place around your yard and patio or in larger areas like gardens. This is really handy if you are using them at night as they are easy to move around as needed. There is no smell or smoke so they can also be used indoors without any problems.

9) Paper Lanterns For Garden

You might think that paper lanterns are only useful for creating a romantic atmosphere, but they’re actually quite versatile. Paper lamps don’t just come in romantic colors; they can also be ordered in bright colors like red, green, or yellow so that they pop against trees or bushes. Paper lamps don’t just have to be used outdoors; you can easily hang them indoors as well!

10) Seating Area Decorated With Lanterns

candles and lanterns

Lanterns are decorative items that will add a fancy touch to any area of your house. A well-decorated seating area is incomplete without some hanging lights. The stars on these lanterns help make it look as if you’re lounging under an open sky rather than indoors, which is a welcome change from regular lamps. These are especially good for porches and verandas, since they create an outdoor feel even when you’re sitting inside with doors closed.


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