A patio is an outdoor room, and as such, it should be illuminated just like any other room inside your home. You don’t need to spend a fortune to do so, though! Patio lighting doesn’t have to be expensive if you stick to these top 8 patio lighting ideas that incorporate low-cost options such as solar lights and string lights along with high-end options such as lighting fixtures and lanterns. And, of course, we’ll also tell you which light fixtures and lanterns we think are the best patio lighting ideas!

Open Front Porch

By far, one of my favorite types of patio lighting f is open front porch lighting. We all know how enjoyable it can be to kick your feet up on your deck or patio after a long day at work or school. And when you’re sitting outside in the summer, what could make you feel better than hearing crickets chirping and seeing fireflies sparkle? What if you also had up lights that illuminated your home’s entrance to welcome guests? Now that would be perfect! 

Also known as residential outdoor post lights, open front porch lights are great accent pieces because they keep everyone who enters feeling welcome while giving them an ample amount of light.  When considering where best to place these pieces though, there are certain areas I like to focus on; namely underneath roof overhangs near decks and porches (where doorways will then act as frames) or illuminating large planters or fountains.

Outdoor Dining Table

Since it’s possible you’ll have guests over for dinner, it makes sense that you want your table lit. If your goal is to make a great first impression on any dinner party guest who sees your patio, don’t forget about backyard illumination. It doesn’t take much, either; just install some decorative light fixtures above or near your tabletop and maybe hang some mini lanterns from nearby trees to create an instant ambiance. Also note: there are plenty of decorative fixtures available today which double as solar-powered flood lights—just make sure they aren’t connected to an electrical outlet (in order to keep them safe).


Pathway Lighting

Perhaps you have a private deck or patio that you’d like to illuminate. In that case, pathway lighting can help set a romantic mood at night. Pathway lights also make it easier for late-night revelers to see their way home from parties and barbecues. 

If your property is high up on a hill, pathway lights can help prevent accidents among tipsy guests who might otherwise try to walk down your driveway at night. These spots look great when they’re linked together by stone paths with outdoor furniture in between. Add large pots overflowing with greenery and flowers around them, and you’ve got yourself a nice little patio oasis!

Wall Sconces

Outdoor wall lighting is an excellent way to provide your patio with general illumination. Wall sconces, like these outdoor wall lanterns, are easy to install and typically mount on walls easily. When searching for wall sconces for your home’s exterior, look for those constructed from materials such as metal and glass. The hanging element should be easily removable from its base so you can take it indoors during inclement weather or when you’re not using it. 

Most wall sconces come with two or three bulbs—always check that you have enough space above your chosen fixture for bulbs of that size before purchasing one. 


Light Up a Garden

Lighting up your garden at night can make it look and feel bigger and if you use solar lights (more on those later), cheaper. While you don’t need to light every inch of a patio or garden, strategically placed lighting will brighten up areas of interest and create a warm glow at night. 

Lighting for a patio is slightly different than lighting for an outdoor living space. If you want to treat your patio like an extension of indoor living, accent it with track lighting, pendant fixtures, and chandeliers that hang over areas where people sit. 

Candles also work well—just be sure they’re secured in holders that prevent them from blowing out in windy weather or tipping over when people stand too close! For safety reasons, always choose flame-free candles.


 Side Walk

The cheapest way to add extra light to your outdoor living space is with sidewalk lights. These small, decorative wall fixtures offer just enough light to guide you when you go in and out of your home at night. You can also create a path of these lights in between plants or flower beds in your backyard.

Under Tree Bushes

Designers often install under-tree lighting to make a patio feel cozier and more complete. By installing lights underneath large trees in your backyard, you’ll be able to enjoy your evening on your patio even after it has grown dark outside.

Keep in mind that when choosing under-tree lighting, you’ll need to choose bulbs with low wattage so as not to overheat them—some bulbs can get up to 200 degrees! This type of lighting is best used for illuminating private areas rather than public ones; if you wish to light up an entire patio or porch, solar panels may be a better alternative. 

If you do decide to use under-tree lights (for whatever reason), give yourself an hour or two before sunset to set everything up; setting these types of fixtures is generally quite easy, but it can take some time.

Backyard BBQ Area

Every backyard BBQ area needs a nice source of light. Nothing is worse than being at your outdoor party and not being able to see where you are going because it’s too dark. 

If you have an expensive grill or patio set up, don’t ruin it by having one of those tiny lights that barely do anything. Get a good quality LED light or two and make sure you can get them onto your bar area for maximum effect. Since they use less power than other types of bulbs, you won’t even notice they are on. One great feature of LED lighting is that these types of bulbs do not generate heat so there is no need to worry about burning things if they accidentally overheat. Some even come with the automatic sensor so when it gets dark outside they will automatically turn on which makes for easy installation and operation!




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