Garden lighting can seem like an afterthought in most garden designs. However, without lighting all you will see is darkness. Outdoor lighting creates interest in any garden no matter what season or time of day. It makes us feel safe at night and provides a wonderful ambiance during evening gatherings or summer picnics. Not to mention that just adding some lighting can take your backyard transformation project up a level or two without needing too much more work!

Ins and Outs of Garden Lighting Ideas

If you’re thinking about improving your outdoor space, add some light to it! The internet is filled with an overwhelming number of lighting ideas and products. If you want to stand out from all that noise. Here are a few eye-catching garden lighting ideas that might work for you. You can try these in various combinations or use them individually depending on how much time and money you want to spend.

Garden Fence Lights

Installing garden fence lights can be a great way to save money on lighting your property, as well as create a welcoming look. These lights are solar-powered and easy to install. You will also have an easy time finding or creating fencing panels that match existing light colors. Make sure you have at least one light for every 20 feet of fence. This helps provide adequate lighting for any walkways around your garden’s perimeter, as well as other sections you want to be lit up at night.

If you plan to use these lights for safety purposes or during power outages, make sure you stock up on extra batteries and bulbs so replacements aren’t hard to find when needed. The best thing about these fixtures is their ability to blend in with your existing garden fences – They work equally well with wooden, metal or stone fences! And because they only need low voltage current (most models) their installation doesn’t require much wiring knowledge.

Pathway Lights

Garden lighting does not have to be complicated, but it’s important to use fixtures that are eye-catching and sturdy. Pathway lights are easy to install, though you will need some form of direct power source. If you’re using solar-powered garden lights, be sure your home or yard is positioned in an area that gets a good amount of sunlight throughout most of the day. The more sun your garden receives, the brighter and longer your lights will shine. The fewer hours of light they receive each day, the shorter their brightness duration will be.

Torch Style Wall Lights

Garden wall lights that resemble a flame or torch are an interesting way to create a focal point in your garden. Whether you’re making a light display with multiple wall lights, or simply adding one to an already existing fence line, they make for a great addition. In addition to providing lighting, it also draws attention towards your entrance or exit from your yard. Just keep in mind though, these kinds of torches can be flammable so use them sparingly and don’t place them where children or pets can easily reach them. While attractive looking, fire is always something to be careful around.

Porch Light

While a light on your porch may seem excessive to some, for others it’s a comforting nighttime fixture. If you want a subtle touch of lighting in your garden but don’t want to flood your yard with blinding floodlights, it might be time to introduce a porch light. In most cases, installing one is as simple as attaching it to an exterior wall and running power from inside your home. This type of lighting is most effective when placed at eye level; no need to mount it high up. Also keep in mind that due to height restrictions, you may not be able to install a light quite as tall as you’d like—in which case consider placing potted plants around it. (Bonus points if they come in vibrant colors.)

If, however, lights aren’t allowed where you live (for example, if there are neighbors nearby), another trick is using projector lights: These use fiber optics that emit lights onto objects or walls instead of flooding an area with directly projected beams.

Patio String Lights

String lights are an eye-catching way to illuminate your backyard, patio or garden. String lights can be arranged almost any way you want, and often come in a variety of colors and sizes. Plus, they’re a fraction of the cost of other lighting options. If you prefer a warm glow rather than something more sinister, go with string lights that use amber bulbs for a cheery feel. To take things up a notch (and cut down on tripping hazards), install solar path lights along walkways. The good news is that string lighting comes at almost every price point; you can purchase strands for less than $10 per bulb if you’re looking to save cash. More luxurious designs run upwards of $25 per strand—but look amazing under garden trees or wrapped around fencing, so it might be worth splurging if you have extra money set aside for home upgrades.

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