Lighting up your yard at night can change the entire outdoor ambiance of your home. However, have you also considered adding some lighting to your garden? This space deserves a little love too, which is why we have spent time choosing some of the best solar lights for gardens. We wanted to give you the chance to brighten up this outdoor space, so you can enjoy the beauty of your garden during the day and at night.

Classic Column Solar Powered LED Path Light

Column solar powered path lights are perfect for gardens, because they are slim and won’t overpower the space. Plus, they stand up above many of the plants, so the light won’t get lost within the greenery. Plus, with the height, they will soak in the sun all day long, so they can shine brightly at night. You can easily insert these path lights into the dirt wherever you wish without needing to dig holes or move plants around.

Solar Spotlight

If you don’t want to bother placing multiple solar lights throughout your garden, you may prefer to highlight your garden with solar spotlights. You can easily place these spotlights in front of your garden, so the entire space is illuminated in the darkness of night. Solar spotlights have strong LED lights, so they are much brighter than regular solar lights.

Garden Lighting

Solar LED Outdoor Wall Lantern

If you happen to have a fence or other posts in your garden, you can easily hang solar LED outdoor wall lanterns on them to brighten up this space. Most solar wall lanterns are on the smaller side, but they give off a bright white light once the sun goes down.

Flickering Flame Torches Solar Lights

 Not everyone wants basic bright lights in their gardens at night. If you want to add a little extra flair to your nighttime garden space, we recommend flickering flame torches solar lights. These solar lights look like tiki torches, but they are not as tall. The lighting looks like a flame and it dances as it flickers all night long. This is definitely one of the more unique solar lighting options for your garden.

Butterfly Solar Lights

You don’t really need a ton of light in your garden at night, which is why some people simply choose to add a little bit of color to this space. Butterfly solar lights are an excellent option. The butterflies are the solar lights, and they are at the top of a solar powered stake that fits securely in the ground. The butterflies change colors all night long, so you are never stuck with a basic bright white light in your garden.



These are the best solar lights for your garden, but there are so many other options out there as well. We recommend considering exactly how much light you want in your garden at night before choosing the solar lights you know will work the best in this outdoor space at your home.


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