Edison bulbs can be visually appealing, but we want to warn you that they are not the perfect fit in every room in the house. Some fixtures simply won’t work with an Edison bulb. And honestly, you just might not want to deal with them if the cons of these bulbs are a little too much for you. However, we want to make sure you know that an Edison bulb can turn a fixture or a room into a conversation starter, if you use it properly.

The Pros of Edison Bulbs

Stylish Bulbs
One of the biggest pros of Edison bulbs is they are quite stylish. They look like the bulbs you would see in a historical, and traditional, home back in the early 1900s. The glass bulb, filled with filaments, can create an appealing vibe in some fixtures. We recommend using this bulb in fixtures where you are guaranteed to see the bulb, whether it is on or off. If you use an Edison bulb in a fixture where it cannot be seen, you are basically wasting an option to show off a piece of history.

Emits a Warmer Color
The color that shines from an Edison bulb is much warmer than many of the other bulbs currently available. It is important to note that Edison bulbs are best for accent lighting. You should never expect the warm glow from an Edison bulb to illuminate an entire room.

Dimmable Options
Edison bulbs work well with dimmer switches, which means you can adjust the brightness of the light in any space. This doesn’t mean you will have a super bright light when you turn this bulb on all the way. However, it is a bonus that you can adjust the level of brightness.

Edison bulbs are quite affordable, although the LED options are a little pricier than the basic bulbs. The price is what makes this an attractive possibility when adding intricate details to your home.

Edison Bulb

The Cons of Edison Bulbs

Very Fragile
Edison bulbs can be very fragile. Any slight movement of the bulb can cause the filament on the inside to break. Once that happens, the bulb is useless. If you are planning on using Edison bulbs anywhere in your home, you must make sure they are in safe areas. If they are located in areas where they could be knocked into, these bulbs may not be worthwhile for your needs.

Not as Energy Efficient
If you are looking to save money on your energy bills, you may want to choose a bulb other than an Edison bulb. It is important to note that an LED Edison bulb is more energy efficient than regular Edison bulbs. So, technically, you could almost get the best of both worlds if you go with the LED option.


These are the pros and cons of Edison bulbs. Only you will know if these types of bulbs will work well in your home, so weigh your options and choose the best bulb to fit your needs.


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