String lights are one of the trending lighting options for backyards this year. While you can grab a strand of lights or two for your backyard, you may realize that those couple strands don’t offer the ambiance you truly want in this space. Therefore, we thought we would share everything you must know about hanging string lights in your backyard. 

Everything You Must Know About Hanging String Lights in Your Backyard

How to Hang String Lights

String lights can be hung in many different patterns in your backyard. Many people choose a V shape when they are starting out with string lights, because it is the easiest to do. All you need is three endpoints, so there is no danger of twisting the lights or messing anything up. 

Once you conquer the V shape though, you may want to consider hanging your string lights in an X pattern, W pattern, or in a square or grid pattern. The horizon point is a little trickier, but the results are worth the extra work. The maypole or tent option is more difficult than the horizon point, but it can really make a statement in your backyard. 

Other Options for Where to Hang String Lights

While you can create all the patterns we mentioned above with string lights, it is also important to know you can easily hang these lights off many different items in your backyard. We recommend hanging string lights on your umbrella, gazebo, or in the trees. You can even hang these lights along your fence if you want even more lighting in this space. 

String Lights

Measuring Your Backyard for String Lights

You must get an idea of how many strands of string lights you will need for your backyard before you get started with the hanging process. To determine how many strands of lights you need; we recommend using a tape measure to get measurements. It is best to measure all the lengths where you will be hanging the string lights. This includes any of the zigzags and crisscrosses you will be doing for patterns. 

These measurements do not need to be exact. You can do a rough estimate that includes knowing you are going across a ten-foot patio eight times. Add everything up and then divide it by the length of string light strands you plan on purchasing. You can find strands of lights from twenty-four feet all the way up to three hundred feet and more. 

Before going crazy and purchasing dozens of strands of lights, you must check to see how many strands can be connected together. Sometimes five strands can be connected, but there are times you cannot plug that many strands into each other. This is important information to understand, because you won’t want to start an electrical fire. Of course, this information is also helpful when it comes to plugging the strands into electrical outlets. 

While you may have wanted to grab ten strands of fifty feet, you may be better off with five one hundred feet strands. 

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