Solar lights can create quite the ambiance out in your garden and the rest of your yard. However, we are often asked if these lights are worth all the hype. After all, some solar lights do not get that bright and that is why many people choose them as a decoration instead of a true lighting option. 

Thankfully, solar lights have come a long way over the years. And the newer LED solar lights are offering more light than ever before. So, in our opinion, if you choose quality solar lights, you can light up your garden and avoid the decorative look of older solar lights.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Solar Lights

If you truly want to skip the decoration aspect of solar lights in your yard and go for actual lighting, we have a recommendation. 

You must have a plan on where to place your solar lights. Since solar lights are easy to install, many people will simply stick them in the ground wherever they want them. It is better to make sure the lights are in areas where they will get adequate sunlight. This sunlight is necessary to keep the lights charged, so they turn on at night. 

solar lights

The Brightness of Solar Lights

The brightness of solar lights is often an issue for many people. We recommend mixing things up in your garden to ensure you have brighter lights when you need them. We prefer to install different types of solar lights in our gardens. We choose a few solar lights that offer brighter lighting, despite the fact those lights only stay on for a couple of hours. We then mix in the longer lasting solar lights to ensure our gardens stay lit throughout the night. 

Yes, we are losing out on the brightness after a while, but we have the extra lighting when we need it the most. 

You can also mix in traditional lights with your solar lights to get the same effect. This way you can turn on those lights when you need more light later in the night. 

Solar Lights

Downside of Solar Lights

The downside to using solar lights in your garden to provide lots of light is you won’t have too many options to choose from. Those limited choices will have you using the same lighting everywhere, despite the fact it doesn’t come close to matching your existing décor. 

This is where the decoration part of solar lights comes into play. The solar lights that don’t offer as much light are often more appealing to look at. So, if you do not care about how much light you have in your garden, but want it to have visual appeal, decorative solar lights will be your best option. 

Solar lights… They can make your garden look amazing, but they may not brighten this space up as much as you would like. This means you must choose whether or not solar lights are the solution for your needs when it comes to lighting up your garden at night. 

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