You may not know it, but you can create one-of-a-kind artistic decorations for your garden with lighted statues! These statues come in all shapes and sizes, and range from simple to intricate; whether you’re an experienced gardener or just getting started, consider adding some lighted statue to your garden this year. You can be sure that no one else on your block will have the same decoration!


Lighted Garden Statues

Garden statues are often focal points of any garden. They are usually what catches people’s attention when they look at your garden. If you want to make your garden truly unique, you can choose to have one or more lighted statues, instead of a plain old garden statue, in it. A lighted statue is anything that has lights in it, making it illuminate in dark areas. 

The most common type of lighted statue is solar powered so you will not need to plug it into an outlet and can place it anywhere outside you want including your garden. But there are also other ways to get them illuminated such as electricity or gaslight. You should know before getting any type of lighted garden statue that is placed outside it should be able to withstand rain, wind, snow, frost, etc. depending on where you live. There are many different types of lighted statues that you can choose from depending on how much money you want to spend on them or how large of space your garden has available for placement. 

For example, there are solar-powered fairy lights which are really only good if placed in smaller gardens because they do not give off much light but could be used along with flowers maybe? Then there are solar-powered string lights which give off moderate amounts of light and since they come with many small light bulbs could cover larger spaces compared to fairy lights even though they too work best in smaller areas. After string lights come solar-powered mini lanterns which are perfect for larger spaces because of their long power cord. Finally, after mini lanterns, there are solar-based light-up palm trees that light up the entire lawn area rather than just a single spot. They are highly durable and ideal for anyone who wants something with high brightness in their garden without having to spend lots of money on it or someone who lives in colder climates where regular garden lights would not last long enough until spring arrives. 

All these examples show just some options when it comes to finding specific types of lighted statues for your gardening needs or style preference so you don’t have to settle for one type over another unless you plan on having them all scattered throughout your lawn area.

Best Lighted Statues

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a lighted statue for your garden. Durability is important as it determines how long you’ll be able to enjoy your statue. If it easily breaks, not only will you have an expensive decoration. But you’ll also need to buy a new one sooner rather than later. Many statues use LED lights and these can be damaged if exposed to water or moisture—even rain and snow can cause problems with LEDs, so it’s worth checking before purchasing something that has any kind of illumination on it. Try to find statues that aren’t just decorative; choose ones that serve another purpose as well. For example, some might double as benches or planters.

You should also try to incorporate sculptural pieces into areas that get lots of sunlight because they tend to look their best in open areas where they’re more likely to be seen by people walking past them. And finally, a solar-powered light would be ideal because it saves money on electricity while allowing you to display your gorgeous artwork all day long. Make sure there’s enough space around your home or business for what you’re buying! If your backyard isn’t large enough for a big display, consider placing smaller statues throughout your property. Or take a cue from a recent trend in interior design: Mini gardens using tiny plants stacked in interesting shapes, such as spiral steps. The idea behind mini gardening is to create visual interest without taking up too much physical space.

Tips for Selecting Lighted Garden Statues

When you think of statues in a garden, you might think of larger-than-life stone or metal pieces. Although these types of statues can certainly add visual interest to a garden, if you’re looking for something more minimal and modern, consider lighted statue instead. These unique pieces offer many advantages when compared to other styles: They don’t require much upkeep; they add interest and focus when there is no natural light; and they allow your senses to relax when they provide a soft glow. As such, they can be used both during and after hours at home—turning what would otherwise be an ordinary night in your backyard into an unforgettable experience. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for one of these beautiful works of art.

A top ten list of things to look for in a quality lit statue

1) Power source options – what kinds do they have? Make sure to purchase from a reputable manufacturer who stands behind their products 100%. 

2) Warranty – make sure all components have a warranty!

3) Easy installation – it’s going outside so make sure everything is weatherproof! 

4) Beauty – how does it blend with my existing landscape? Or stick out like a sore thumb? 

5) Art style – not every statue looks great. Pay attention to overuse of design elements, pictures online could paint an inaccurate picture.

6) Reviews – ignore them but pay attention to trends in customer satisfaction 

7) Material – look for statues made with real materials i.e. stone & concrete.

8) Brand name I know it’s tempting to buy based on price alone. 

9) Good customer service 

10) Look at pics online carefully for flaws/spots/issues. You can’t find pics online? Don’t buy it!!! Pay attention people because there are countless fakes being sold everywhere.

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