Garden lights can brighten up your outdoor space throughout the summer months. This is excellent news, because those lights allow you to enjoy this part of your yard long after dark. But what happens during the rest of the seasons? Can you actually have garden lights for every season? 

Our answer is YES! You can install garden lights that will brighten up this part of your yard during the spring, summer, fall, and winter. The only thing is it might not be the same lighting options all year long. You may need to install different lights for different times of the year. 

How to Choose Garden Lights for All Seasons

The Spring, Summer, and Fall

During the spring, summer, and fall, you normally get ample sunlight in your yard. This sunlight is perfect for any solar lights you want to install in your garden. We recommend installing multiple types of solar lights in your garden during this time of the year, so you can lower your energy bills and take advantage of the energy from the sun. 

The summer months are also the time of the year to install string lights and even put up the outdoor chandelier if you have one. 

The Winter

During the winter months, the sun will not give you much sunlight, which means those solar lights will become useless. We recommend packing up your solar lights during this time of the year, especially if you live in a region that gets quite a bit of snow and ice. This will ensure your solar lights stay in one piece and you can use them for a long time. 

We prefer to use regular landscaping lights during the winter months, because those lights are guaranteed to go on. Some people put those lights on timers, while others will simply flip a switch when it gets dark outside. 

You can leave your string lights up outside during the winter months if you wish. But you may also choose to switch those out and replace them with holiday lights. 

Garden lights

All Seasons

The best part about landscaping lights is you can easily use them all year long. This means if you need more lighting in your garden during the summer months, you can easily turn these lights on. 

The good news about outdoor lighting is most of your options will work year-round. Of course, it depends on where you live and how much sunlight you get throughout the year, as to whether or not certain solar lights will work when you want them too. 

We recommend considering your location, the weather, and the amount of sunlight you get, before choosing garden lights for your yard. This will ensure you only choose garden lights that will work in your yard all year long or understand that you will need to switch out the lights according to the seasons. 

There is really no right or wrong option when it comes to garden lights, so do what is best for your needs. 

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