The summer months bring a flurry of soft white lights in backyards everywhere. However, once the holidays arrive, those white lights turn into a bunch of reds and greens for Christmas or even orange for Halloween. Putting up strands of lights can take time, as can taking those same strands of lights down. If you want to avoid the hassle, you might want to consider our tips for switching out regular and seasonal lighting easily. 

Use These Tips for Switching Out Regular and Seasonal Lighting in Your Yard

1 Choose Color Changing String Lights

You may have seen the strands of lights that have bulbs that change colors for the inside of your home, but did you know there are now outdoor options too? There are! You can easily hang up string of lights in your yard and change the colors according to the season. This is one of the easiest ways to go from white bulbs to orange, red, green, and even the color of your favorite football team! 

2 Utilize Color Filters

Many outdoor lighting fixtures include the option of installing a color filter to change the color of the light. Instead of spending hours changing out light bulbs, all you need to do is slide a color filter in the color of your choice onto your lighting fixtures. Instant holiday ambiance in seconds!

outdoor lighting fixtures

3 Enhance the Lights You Already Have

There is no reason why you must take down all the other lights in your yard when you go to install your holiday lights. You can easily install new lights in other areas of the yard and still leave your regular lights in place. You can even turn your regular lights on if you want. Another option for string lights is to wrap new string lights around the old string lights and only turn the holiday string lights on. Of course, this will take much more time than the two options above, which is why we only recommend it as a last resort. 

There is something pretty with incorporating white lights in with all the holiday lights. So, this is an option if you really want to create a visually appealing space in your yard and really brighten things up. 

Garden Lighting

4 Add Holiday Décor

Instead of switching out lighting options from regular to seasonal, you may want to choose to install holiday décor. Add an inflatable or those lit up presents for a holiday look without all the work. Then simply turn on your regular lights to add a nice glowing backdrop. 

Switching out lights in your yard for the holidays can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t need to be. We shared four excellent options here that will save you time without having you feeling like a scrooge in the process. Choose the one that will work best for you, so you have time to enjoy your holidays instead of spending hours out in your yard. 

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