Are you planning a special occasion where the lighting is super important? If you are, you are going to find that you must make an important decision when it comes to the lighting. After all, there are so many different lighting options available. However, we prefer candle lights and fairy lights over all the rest when it comes to setting the mood.


Candle Lights

We love candle lights, but they can be tricky to use in some situations. Since these lights look like real candles, you must have a surface to set them down on. This can be a daunting scenario on occasion, especially if you are trying to light up a backyard.

The only places you can truly put candle lights is on tables and the ground. If you get really creative, you can place these lights inside lanterns and then hang them around your property.

There are a few different types of candle lights you can choose from. We prefer the ones that can be set to turn on at a specific time. The ones that flicker also hold a special place in our hearts for all our important occasions.


Fairy Lights

You definitely have a lot more options when you choose fairy lights to set the mood. All the different types of fairy lights can be hung up almost anywhere. As long as you are close to an electrical outlet, there is no end to what you can create with these lights.

Classic fairy lights are the most basic option when it comes to fairy lights. They will definitely set the mood for you, but if you are looking to create a spectacular scene, we recommend choosing one of the more elaborate fairy light options.

Light bulb fairy lights will really brighten up any space, which is excellent when you are choosing to use fairy lights for weddings or other festive outdoor events. You can also use these types of lights to brighten up a room inside a house or building.


Fairy Lights

There is nothing better than walking into an area filled with fairy light trees. You can scatter these trees around a room or out in the yard. Some fairy light trees can even be placed on tables as centerpieces.

Other dairy light options include star light sculptures, fairy light wreaths, and the ever-popular fairy light jars. If you have been searching for the perfect table centerpiece for any special occasion, we recommend the fairy light jar. These jars are simple to make and light up the night beautifully.

There really isn’t an excellent answer as to whether candle lights or fairy lights set the mood better. Most of the time, it is a personal preference. Other times, it is dependent on the occasion and the space being used. We recommend choosing the lighting option that works best for your needs. Then you can consider all the different possibilities, as you are creating the scene with the lights of your choice.




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