Lush flowering gardens are perfect for gazing at during the lazy days of summer. But what about those lazy summer nights once the sun sets in the sky? We know you are spending more time outside at night during the summer months, so why not light up your garden to enjoy the fruits of your labor even more? While you may be tempted to just stick a few solar lights into the ground, there are a few must know lighting tips you must be aware of first. This will ensure you can see the most of your garden and won’t miss out on any of the beauty it contains. 

5 Must Know Lighting Tips for Your Garden

1 Choose Multiple Types of Lighting

There are three different types of lighting you can choose from when you are considering placing lights in your garden. The three types include accent lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting. We love the look of task lighting in gardens, but the others ensure you can see even more when the rest of the yard is filled with darkness. 

2 Look at Your Garden from the Inside of Your Home

Standing in the middle of your garden may seem like the perfect way to determine where you should place lights. However, we recommend standing inside your home and looking out towards your garden if you can. Taking in the views from this vantage point will ensure you consider those unique spaces you wouldn’t be able to see when you are too close to the garden. 


3 Consider LED lights

We recommend using LED lights out in your garden. LED lights use a lot less energy, so your energy bills will not be as high. And even if you choose the solar option, you will be happy to know that LED light bulbs do not need to be changed as often as other types of light bulbs. 

4 Calculate the Number of Lights You Need 

While you can never really have too much lighting in your garden, there is always a chance you could install too little. We recommend calculating the area of your garden, so you know exactly how many lights to install. To get this calculation, simply measure the square footage of your garden and multiply it by 1.5. The answer is the total wattage you need within your garden. 

GARDEN Lighting Tips

5 Always Plan Ahead

You cannot go to the store, or order your lights online, without having a plan in place. Your plan should include what types of lights you are purchasing, the size of the lights, as well as the total wattage. Failure to know what you are purchasing can lead to buyer’s remorse or the battle of returning what you purchased and getting something else. 

These are the five must know lighting tips for your garden. If you utilize these tips, you will be able to light up your garden quite easily. So, make your plan, find the lights you will love in your garden, and reap the rewards when you spend hours outside long after the sun goes down. 

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